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Why you should dance the Argentine Tango, and how to go about learning it.

Friday, June 5th, 2009

How to turn yourself into James Bond, or his femme fatale, in two words.

What’s all the buzz about Argentine Tango and why should you care?  It’s simply the best legal way to enter a world of fiery passion.  Anyone can do it.  Young, old, fit, round, man, woman, tall, short…anyone.

“Let’s Tango”

Those two words raise the ambient temperature, turn a man’s blazer into a tuxedo jacket, and transform a woman’s little black dress into a long satin number slit to the hip more surely than ever did, “shaken, not stirred.”

Excited yet?  You should be.  Read on to learn how you, yes you, can learn to undergo that metamorphosis at will.