Glittery snow

We woke up this morning to an unexpected dusting of snow.  Not enough to make it tricky to get around, just enough to be a little pretty.  As soon as Benjamin saw it, he suggested making a snowman.  I explained that it probably wouldn’t be enough for that, but that we could go out onto the terrace and play in it a little, anyway.  He was excited, so we went (my only additions to his pajamas were boots and a coat — we didn’t stay out long).  He “skated” around and caught a few flakes on his toungue.  Liam came out and wandered around, too.  Then we all got cold and went back in.

The snow melted as the morning went on (actually, I think it mostly blew away — it didn’t get above about 15 degrees here today, so I’m not sure it could have melted) but then, after nap time, Benjamin exclaimed, “It’s snowing!” again, and it was.  It has snowed, just a little, all afternoon and evening.  It’s beautiful — dry, fine, light and very sparkly.  It’s exactly like very cold glitter.  It blows around such that it seems to be falling in every direction, and it’s so light that it doesn’t stick to the rooftops, so there’s a concentration of snow in the gutters but almost none on top of the roofs.

It isn’t at all familiar.  The snow at home is nearly always barely-frozen-almost-rain.  I went out this evening and was surprised that the snow stuck to my hat, my eyelashes and my coat without melting.  There wasn’t any slushy, frozen mixture on the ground to slide around in.  Everything is quiet,  and the air is full of white sparkliness.

I love the snow.  It is so nice to be home in my cozy house with my sweet family and to watch the glittery, fairy dust snow fall outside.  We have about an inch collected on our sheltered terrace.  I hope it snows all night.  I hope we get snowed in.  I think I will have sparkly, glittery snow dreams tonight.

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