Feeling more like Cinderella

We really did have a great time at the ball yesterday — it was grand, lovely and truly, quite an experience.  Although, I was kind of feeling down about my dress.  I didn’t love it, and I’m a little exasperated that it didn’t even fit properly.  Also, I forgot to put my glitter on.  I have some (a lot) from my dancing days, and brought it with us expressly for use at a ball.  I found it, got it out, and put it right next to my hairbrush in the bathroom . . . and then completely forgot to use it.  (Bummer!)  But, I’m done with feeling bad about my dress or feeling sad about our experience yesterday at all.

I spent yesterday evening with my husband (on an actual date!) at a ball at the palace.  We danced and we had a wonderful time.  My dress was perfectly appropriate, and my lack of deep love for it meant that when I ripped it, I didn’t even freak out about it.  Today, on Skype, Benjamin told Dan’s parents that “Mommy was dressed as a fairy last night”.  I can’t help but feel good after that.

It was a good night, even if I didn’t have any glitter.  I decided to wear my glitter today.  In fact, I may wear it all week.  I’ve also decided that I’m going to start my search for a gown for next year’s ball NOW — worst case, I’ll have to have it altered, or find something else (in the event that I lose a lot of weight), but at least I could carry my dress in with me and say, “Do you have anything like this?” which, I think, would help me considerably.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday about the ball was the food.  Dan & I didn’t eat while we were there (we spent our time dancing, mostly, and walking around the palace) but they did serve food.  As far as I could tell, they only served one thing:  sausages.  It was strange (to me) to see groups of festive and elegant party-goers, dressed in gowns and tuxedos, with their hair coiffed and their makeup done dramatically, carrying plants of frankfurters with kaiser rolls, mustard and horseradish – but it’s very Austrian.  Whole sections of the palace smelled like sausage and horseradish.  I loved it.  I’m definitely in Austria.

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