On the run

About a week ago, Dan & I started a running plandesigned to help relative non-runners (which I now am) get started with running.  Although I used to run, it’s been so long that I definitely needed to start again at the beginning.  It’s a run/walk plan, where you work on increasing your time spent running while decreasing your time walking, thereby gradually getting you running much longer times and distances than you would have thought possible.  (It’s very similar to the program that was used back when I ran a marathon about 10 years ago . . . yes, I once ran a marathon, shocking, I know.)

So far, it’s great.  We’re already increasing our speed and our distance (although the program requires neither, it just happening on its own) which already feels like a great accomplishment, but mostly, it just feels great to be moving.  Although I’ve packed on some extra pounds over the past few years, it really isn’t a comfortable or natural state for me.  I feel best when I move, when I’m fit and strong.  Although I can’t say that I “like” running, I do like the way that I feel when I am a runner.

So far, we’ve run in the rain, in the wind, in the cold.  I don’t think we’ve yet had a “nice” day for a run.  Some days, the kids have come with us (Benjamin on his bike, Liam in the stroller) and then a few times, we went on our own (Dan’s parents, who are visiting, watched the boys).  We haven’t missed a day yet (although, after only 9 days, that’s not yet super impressive).

So far, so good.  I already feel better.  I already find myself making better choices about the things that I’m eating, or about the amount of sleep that I get, because I want to hold on to the good feeling from having gone running.  It’s nice to feel that these positive changes can be as self-perpetuating as the bad ones I’ve been making.  It’s my early Christmas present to myself.

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