A field trip . . . this time, on purpose

A couple of weeks ago, after completely missing that the kindergarten was going to take our child on a trip for the morning, the teachers at the school gave us a detailed and carefully translated list of upcoming school events.  (Which we then promptly misunderstood. . . or thought we did.  It appears that St. Nicolas actually WAS at the school — we’ve seen pictures — but B still says he wasn’t.  He keeps saying, “He wasn’t there, he was just a surprise when we came back in from the garden”, so there’s some nuance we’re missing, but I have no idea what it is.)  For today, there was a note about an excursion to a children’s theater to watch a play.

Since we knew it was coming up this time (yay!) we asked B about it.  First, when I asked him if he wanted to go, he said, “No”, so I told him he could stay home if he’d like.  Then, after thinking about it for a minute, he said, “Well, I guess I could go.  And be with my friends.  Yes, I think I’d like to go.”  I checked in with him a few more times this week, and he kept telling me he wanted to go.  So, we paid the 5 Euro fee and signed him up.

Apparently, he had a great time.  He got a little worried when they turned the lights down before the play started, but otherwise, it was fun.  He told me all about the play (there was a mouse, a bear and a dog . . . and a stick that had something to do with the bear), he told me who he sat next to at the play, and who he sat with on the train (but then he stood up because Max didn’t have a seat, and that made him sad, so B switched with him).  He seems to be glad that he went, and not traumatized at all.  In fact, he was more descriptive about his day today than he has been in weeks about a day at school.  (I usually just get a report on what he had for snack, who he played with and whether or not he got to play outside.)

It still kind of freaks me out that he’s only 3 and going on field trips with school.  But I feel so much better about it since I knew it was coming — and so did he, and he got to have a choice.

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