Les moutons!

In French, they don’t have “dust bunnies”, they have “moutons” (sheep).  I feel this is a much more accurate description of what we have rolling around our apartment these days.  (They’re beginning to approach the size and aerodynamics of tumbleweed.)

Housekeeping has not been a very high priority since we’ve moved in to this apartment.  We’ve been spending most of our “housekeeping” time unpacking and organizing . . . not to mention that our vacuum didn’t come with us (doesn’t run on European voltage) and the movers neglected to pack our Swiffer.  Having a dog that sheds, and not having yet located a groomer, the moutons are multiplying and may be planning a coup.

But, this is one of the things I have resolved to be less stressed about.  So we took today, recovered from our exhausting evening yesterday and enjoyed a rainy Saturday playing inside with the kids.  We played soccer, we played grocery store, we took puzzles apart (I don’t think we put any together).  Benjamin is also teaching us to play a variation of basketball which involves very little dribbling, elements of football and soccer and the ball primarily being in his possession — our main role is to try and receive the passes he pretends to give us, and to cheer enthusiastically when he makes baskets.

So, for today, we are overrun with mouton.  I may name them.

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