Welcome, Liam

Hello little Liam!  We are so glad to have you.  The month since you came into this world has been the busiest one I’ve had yet.  So quickly you have shown us that you are your own person — the tools and tricks we learned with your brother are not the same as those we need for you.  You are so wonderful:  sweet, accepting, aware . . . happy.  And you sleep!  Hooray and thanks for that!  :)

Your arrival was so anticipated.  Even before we knew you, we loved you.  We couldn’t wait for the exciting moment where you would join us.  And you so promptly arrived right on your due date (I can tell you’ll be taking after me in that regard).  Your actual arrival was maybe a bit TOO exciting, however.  The moments after your birth were the most frightening and stressful of my life – a strange experience when mixed with the joy of having you here.  It was so hard to see you struggle so much in your first moments of life.  I wanted so much to hold you and comfort you, but I couldn’t.  In that first moment, I already loved you so much it amazed me.  Our first days together were hard.  I wanted peace and comfort for you, but those were hard to come by in the first few days.  You were certainly loved, though!  I was there with you every moment I could be.  And you were so loved by everyone.  Your family came to visit even though they couldn’t see you.  Everyone supported us however they could so that we could be with you.  And the wonderful nurses and doctors loved you and took care of you when we couldn’t be there.  Although it wasn’t the start I would have planned for you, you could not have been more loved or better cared for, which makes me happy and incredibly grateful.

You are so happy, and you are so willing to take life as it comes.  You seem to have great perspective on what’s important.  I wonder if your early experiences have already given you an appreciation for the wonderful things in your life, or maybe it’s just who you are?  You already smile all the time, and you make the most lovely little baby noises.  You are darling!

I love you like I have known you forever.  I love you completely and absolutely without condition or reservation.  There will never be anything you need to do or to be to have my complete love.  Nothing is required of you.  Just by being you, you are loved completely and for always.  I love you forever, my little one.  My sweet baby.

I am amazed by how much your big brother loves you.  He couldn’t meet you while you were in the hospital, but the first thing he said when we brought you home was “So cute!”  He loves to hold you, to kiss and cuddle you.  He brings you toys, blankets and pacifiers.  He asks about you constantly — whenever he’s going out somewhere, he wants to know if you can come, and when he comes home, if he can’t see you, he wants to know where you are.  I think you guys are going to be best friends, as well as brothers, and I think you are both so lucky to have each other.  You’re my favorite people in the whole world.

Thank you so much for being my baby.  I feel so lucky to have you as my child.  You are so beautiful and sweet and perfect.  I am very happy and I love you.

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