My favorite part . . .

Benjamin and I have a ritual in the evenings.  Sometime between dinner and bedtime, I’ll turn to him and say, “Benjamin, what was your favorite part of today?”  And he’ll say, “Um . . . my favorite part of today was . . .” and he’ll tell me.  It’s usually something we played together, someone we talked to or something really neat that we saw or did.

It’s always interesting to hear what he picks out from his day.  I love seeing him contemplate it, and the huge smile that lights up his face when he tells me.  (It’s also a great exercise, for both of us, in putting our mental energy towards the best parts of our day, rather than the alternative.  I can only imagine the wonders this will do for his psyche if he starts now.  Imagine a lifetime of remembering your favorite moment in a day, every day.)

After I ask him about his favorite part, he asks me about mine, and I tell him.  But, truthfully, one of my favorite moments is having that conversation with him.  That would be a boring answer every day, though, so I usually pick something else.

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