The rain

What a day.  I woke up this morning to my first humid day in Vienna.  (That is something I do NOT miss about home.)  It made the heat so much more unpleasant.  The kids and I were all sticky and grumpy by 10:00 in the morning.  It was forecasted to get warmer, and I was imagining just being miserable by mid-afternoon.

But then, the rain came.  A real, torrential downpour.  We’ve had rain since we’ve been here (although it’s astounding how dry it is here) but nothing like this.  This was a good, pouring rain that lasted for a little while.  As the rain started in earnest, I ran around the house, closing windows, doors and the skylight to keep it outside (where it belongs).

The effect was glorious.  I got to sit in my attic apartment and experience the storm for a while, and when it cleared, the air was cooler, cleaner and drier.  (In fact, the air here is so dry that about 20 minutes after the rain had stopped, our terrace was completely dry.)  It was lovely.

Then, we had a heck of an evening.  Liam tried to choke (quite seriously) on a piece of a toy, which turned me into a trembling mess on the floor after rescuing him.  We went out to dinner and then the rain started again, so we walked home in a thunderstorm (which Benjamin later said was the best part of his day, so that wasn’t a total loss).  Then, Dan got stuck in the elevator coming home from dinner and had to be rescued by the fire department.

What a day.  The rain is nice.  I am tired.

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