Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter today.  The Easter Bunny made a stop at our apartment last night, and our day started with Benjamin hunting for the Easter bags that had been hidden for him & Liam.  The gifts inside were met with definite approval (Benjamin carried his around all day).  After overdoing it on chocolate (everyone but Liam) we all went out and actually found a place that was open and serving breakfast.  We even nearly got what we ordered (hurray!) and then we came home and all took naps.  It was a great morning!

This afternoon, we headed off to Stephansplatz and to St. Stephen’s cathedral.  The square was definitely busy, but we were happy to find that we could actually get into the church.  We managed (completely by accident) to arrive between masses, and we were able to go in and be tourists and take a look around.  (We’ll have to go back sometime that isn’t Easter to get a tour of the whole place.)  Benjamin asked a lot of good questions (“What is a church?”, “What is praying?”, “Can we blow those candles out a make a wish?”).  I was really happy to be able to be there on Easter — it definitely had an apropriate feel for the day.   We had lunch out, and (of course) gelato.  Then we wandered from Stephansplatz over to what will be our new neighborhood to do some exploring.

We discovered some really neat landmarks (the place where Beethoven lived while composing his 4th, 5th and 7th symphonies, among others, is literally on the same block where we’ll be living) and our walk around helped us to orient ourselves in the city, relative to where we’ll be living.  (It turns out we’re even closer to a lot of the great places in the city than we thought we were.)  After that, we found a park so B could run and play for a bit before we headed home.

After returning home, and having dinner, I got a chance to Skype with my mom, my brothers and my sister and her boyfriend.  It was the first time we had “seen” most of them since leaving home.  It was so nice to see them and catch up (a little — it’s a tall order to keep things orderly enough to get much talking in with an overtired baby and an overexcited preschooler).  All in all, we had a great, if busy, day.

That being said, today has definitely been my hardest day since I’ve been here in terms of missing home.  I feel very far away from many of my loved ones, and the reality of how long it will be until I see them is beginning to sink in. 

When we got off of Skype this evening, Benjamin asked me, “Mommy, why are you sad?”  (I didn’t realize that it showed.)  I said, “Well, I miss everyone at home.  I love them and I wish I could see them every day.”  And he gave me a hug and patted my shoulder.  And then he said, “Mommy, will you ask me why am I sad?”  So, I did.  And he said, “I miss everyone at home.  I love them and I wish I could see them.”  I gave him a hug and a big kiss.

Happy Easter!  We miss you all.

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