Holding hands

Today was a quiet day for our family.  Other than stocking up on some groceries (we’re going in to a long holiday weekend here, which means most stores will be closed) we stayed in.  Benjamin took a 3+ hour nap this afternoon (half of it with me accompanying him).  At dinner time, we decided to all go out to pick up our pizza, just for the sake of us all getting out of the house and getting some fresh air.

On our way, Dan was pushing Liam in the stroller, and I was walking with B, holding his hand.  It was a beautiful evening, and I was enjoying the company of my little family.  It was so nice to be holding B’s hand, talking to him about what we were seeing along the way.  I love those moments with him.  He is so little, yet already so grown up.  I see the children in Vienna — they are autonomous so quickly.  They ride the trains alone, and walk around the city unescorted by 8 or 9 years old — much younger than that if they’re being “supervised” by another child, often younger than 10 themselves.  We won’t be here long enough for that to be his experience, but I do know that he’ll grow up quickly, wherever we are.

I love both of my boys so much.  I love the way they are right now, and I know I’ll love it as they get bigger, too.  For today, though, it was just nice to have a quiet day, and enjoy holding hands with my little boy.

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