30 day trial of The Zone

I weighed in at 193.5 pounds this morning and it’s unacceptable for that to continue!

Thus, today I start 30 days of The Zone. According to the CrossFit folks, I should have 17 Zone blocks per day, so I’m shooting for 15 blocks per day, and I get one cheat day per week.

I’ll be listing my weight each morning before breakfast.

All foods blocks are given as F/C/P, since that’s the order those macronutrients are printed on nutrition labels.

1 cup soy milk(1/1/1) with cinnamon
1 piece cheese light Swiss cheese(2/0/1)
1 Zone Perfect fruitified bar(1/3/2) (which, oddly, doesn’t follow Zone ratios, which is why I added the cheese)

Smoked salmon pita with hummus (2.5/7/4)
12 pecan halves (4/0/0)

I already started feeling better physically
I made home-made guacamole for Emily and I – my share was one avocado(10/2.5/1), a quarter of a tomato, a quarter of a red bell pepper and lime juice and spices that don’t really add anything significant.
I toasted some torn pieces of whole wheat pita bread (0.5/3/1)
To round out my protein, I ate 6 oz of wild pink salmon (0/0/6)

Total for the day: 21 blocks of fat (overshot – the avocado did me in, but apparently fat is the safest thing to overshoot), 16.5 blocks of carbs (not bad), and 16 blocks of protein. Not too bad for the first day, but I’ll need to be more careful tomorrow.

I really need to be improving my sleep habits as well, so I’m going to have to give up on this entry for now as it’s 12:59 AM.

Future entries will include more information about The Zone, why I think it’s a good idea, more nutritional information (I’d like to start tracking my food even more accurately using a service like FitDay), what my goals are, etc.

Good night!

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