Nothing to say

I’ve been staring at my computer for over an hour trying to think of something to say, and I just can’t.  I’ve been trying to switch my mind off of the track that it’s on — to something more upbeat, or clever.  But I can’t.

A friend of mine from Sweet Briar (I don’t know her terribly well, but it’s a small place — we’re all friends) has two little boys.  Carter, the youngest, was diagnosed this past fall with a malignant, inoperable brain tumor.  He’s too little for the kind of radiation therapy typically used on this type of tumor, so they’ve been fighting his cancer with chemotherapy.  He’s 2.  His older brother and dad have been at home, trying to maintain some version of “normal” (which included relocating the family at one point) while his mom has been with him while he gets his treatment (partially administered at St. Jude’s).

I can’t begin to summarize, or to even understand, the profoundly difficult journey this family is on.

Carter just finished his second round of chemo, and the family was given the all-clear to take a long anticipated vacation to Disney World.  Halfway through their trip (today) Carter got sick, and was taken to the hospital.  The doctors say the tumor has grown and he was flown by medical ambulance back to St. Jude’s in Tennessee.

I really can’t think about anything else.  If you pray, please pray for this family.  If not, keep them in your thoughts.  That’s all I can say — I’ve got nothing else.

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